Friday, February 1, 2013

Character Suicide

Something happened on Wednesday night in the DCC game I am playing in that has never happened before: a character committed suicide. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, one of the characters accidentally (and brutally) murdered a 13 year old girl. Later in the adventure, we were in a room with several jail cells full of zombies. That same character unleashed all of them and tried to fight them off as we ran to let him perish (it became obvious what he was doing at this point).

It's overwhelmingly been my experience that players rationalize their actions. Very often, these atrocities are simply forgotten. A choice few choose redemption. I have never seen a character commit suicide as repentance.

Still, there are two other facts which make this anomaly more interesting. As much as I love DCC RPG, I do not think of it as a system that encourages deep, character driven roleplaying. It's an imaginative adventure game and one could never develop their character beyond the implications of occupation and class choice. This is also the first time playing an RPG for this player and it's both surprising and refreshing to see someone dive headfirst into a character.

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