Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diseases in Torchbearer

The Sick condition is a great default for most diseases. However, for those situations when you want to add a little flavor (see: make your player's lives more miserable), I've cooked up a few specific diseases:

Blinding Sickness: Apply the sick condition as normal, but the character is also in complete darkness until recovery. If they fail their roll, remove the condition, but add a trait at level one to reflect their time without sight. 

Infernal Fever: This disease has a long incubation period. As part of a Twist, the character may:
  • Speak in the parasite's language
  • Lose control of the body as the parasite asserts dominance (often to kill the other party members)
During one of these spells, the players can force the parasite back into hiding with a Banish conflict. If you lose, the character is lost forever to the parasite.

Recovery: Increase the Ob by 1. Normal failure effects and the disease remains. If Nature is ever brought to 0, the parasite consumes the body.

Mummy Rot: The character's body begins decaying. If the player fails, subtract the margin of failure from their Nature. If they succeed, they lose one point of Nature.

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