Friday, July 4, 2014

More Magic Items for Torchbearer

Sunshard Ring

Once per adventure phase, a character may summon the mpower of this ring. It provides light as a torch that cannot be blown out or smothered in any way.

Level: 1
Type: Magical Clothing
Inventory: Hands/ Worn 1


This flask refills itself at the beginning of each phase.

Level: 1
Type: Magical Equipment
Inventory: Pack 1 or Replaces Waterskin slot

Oracle Blade

Once per conflict, before revealing action, guess what your opponent scripted. If correct, you may re-script.

Level: 2
Type: Magical Weapon (Sword)
Inventory: Be;t/Weapon or Hand/Carried 1

Blood Drinker Axe

During a Kill, Capture, or Drive Off conflict, you may recover 1 point of disposition for every 2 successes over the Ob on an Attack action.

Level: 3
Type: Magical Weapon (Battleaxe)
Inventory: Hand/Carried 2

Mirror Shield

When being targeted by a spell, roll a number of dice equal to the caster. If the spell is successfully cast but you roll more successes than the caster, it is reflected and affects them instead.

Level: 4
Type: Magical Weapon (Shield)
Inventory: Hand/Carried 1 or Torso/Worn 1

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