Monday, July 14, 2014

Kickstarter: Peril on the Purple Planet

In Peril on the Purple Planet, the characters are cast across the cosmos to a foreign world. Left to die beneath a weirdling sun and its sickening rays, the PCs’ survival depends as much upon their quick wit as a quick blade, as even the finest chain hauberk must fail beneath the crush of an alien horde.

A level 4 exploration-style adventure spanning scores of leagues, the party must contend with hundreds of miles of alien wasteland, the predatory creatures of the Purple Planet, deadly mushroom jungles, and thousands of factious savage man-beasts locked in an endless war.

In the course of the sprawling hex-crawl, the PCs will have the opportunity to assume mastery of their own warbands or pit faction against faction, plumb ancient burial mounds or respect the age-old taboos, and experiment with deadly artifacts – the remnants of the Last War. How the PCs meet each challenge will determine whether they discover the secrets to returning home, or slip beneath the sands of the wastes, succumbing to the perils of the Purple Planet.

But for those few with the courage to remain, we offer a world for the conquering.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

More Magic Items for Torchbearer

Sunshard Ring

Once per adventure phase, a character may summon the mpower of this ring. It provides light as a torch that cannot be blown out or smothered in any way.

Level: 1
Type: Magical Clothing
Inventory: Hands/ Worn 1


This flask refills itself at the beginning of each phase.

Level: 1
Type: Magical Equipment
Inventory: Pack 1 or Replaces Waterskin slot

Oracle Blade

Once per conflict, before revealing action, guess what your opponent scripted. If correct, you may re-script.

Level: 2
Type: Magical Weapon (Sword)
Inventory: Be;t/Weapon or Hand/Carried 1

Blood Drinker Axe

During a Kill, Capture, or Drive Off conflict, you may recover 1 point of disposition for every 2 successes over the Ob on an Attack action.

Level: 3
Type: Magical Weapon (Battleaxe)
Inventory: Hand/Carried 2

Mirror Shield

When being targeted by a spell, roll a number of dice equal to the caster. If the spell is successfully cast but you roll more successes than the caster, it is reflected and affects them instead.

Level: 4
Type: Magical Weapon (Shield)
Inventory: Hand/Carried 1 or Torso/Worn 1

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Sixth World: Another Shadowrun Hack

The other system I had in mind for running Shadowrun was Apocalypse World. Before deciding what anything else would look like, I decided that the hack would have to be called The Sixth World, a nod the timeline of Shadowrun that keeps the naming tradition of all the various *world games. Again, it appears that someone has beaten me to the punch. Not that I'm complaining.