Friday, February 13, 2015

Wyrdwood Tokens

Level 3 Magic Items

At the center of the Hall of Masters, there is a large, ornately carved stone table. The table is an ancient map of Fyndel Forest. Several carved wooden tokens have been placed on it. Upon further inspection, these tokens seem to be living, autonomous creatures. They are actually tied to the various creatures living in Fyndel Forest. The table is dotted with several piles of ash, as if some tokens have been burned.

Carved by the Druids of Fyndel, the Wyrdwood tokens have the likeness of a Spider, a Giant, a Giant Wasp, a Dragon, and a Goblin. All of the tokens share the following common abilities:

  • Their eyes glow when a creature of the token's type is near
  • While holding the token, characters may communicate with those creature as if they were fluent in its native language
Additionally, each token has a unique ability. After using it, the token turns to ash.
  • Spider: Create 100' of silken rope.
  • Giant: For a single turn, the bearer has giant's strength. Double the rating of Health or a Health-based skill for a single roll.
  • Wasp: During a single round of combat, an arrow or bolt fired from a crossbow splits into many and swarms the enemy. The character who uses this decides how to reduce the enemies disposition in the turn it was used.
  • Dragon: Engage in any type of conflict, regardless of Order of Might, counting the party as equal. 
  • Goblin: The token transforms into a key capable of opening a single lock.

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