Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Magician/Elf Spell: Mystic Ward

Second Circle Magician/Elf Spell

Many adventurers have met their doom at the cruel hands of the elements. Mystic Ward insulates characters against the effects of hot and cold, allowing adventurers to travel places they would otherwise be unable to survive.

Supplies: a bit of ash
Lore Master Ob to Learn: 3
Scholar Ob to Scribe Scroll: 3
Scholar Ob to scribe into traveling spell book: 3


Against Environment: hottest/coldest day of the year, hostile climate, extreme conditions (a sudden ice age/the heat from a volcanic eruption), supernatural/magical elements.

Elemental Resistance (Conflict Only): +1D, +1s, +1 Might

Breadth: One person, two people, party of adventurers

Duration: one turn, two turns, phase


Characters under the protection of Mystic Ward can ignore the factors, conditions, and twists that would normally result from extreme heat or cold. Upon casting, the Mage must declare which element they are warding off, hot or cold. Alternatively, they can use it to gain an advantage during a conflict.

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