Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wild Magic in Torchbearer

Some areas of the world are more closely attuned to the outer planes. Some areas of the world are under the dominion of unknown and unseen forces. Some areas of the world are enchanted by the demonic and the divine. These are the reasons people use to explain the parts of the world where the natural laws bend and break inexplicably, where those who are foolish enough to call to the arcane forces for aid lose control of it. These areas are under the influence of what is known as Wild Magic.

In an area affected by Wild Magic, count factors according to the below for all Magician and Elf spellcasting attemts.

Factors: First Circle Spell, Second Circle Spell, Third Circle Spell, Fourth Circle Spell, Fifth Circle Spell.

Effects: A failed casting always results in a Twist instead of a condition.

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