Monday, March 3, 2014

Magic Item Monday: Torchbearer Edition

Heartseeker Bow

This ornate bow carved from the darkwood groves of the drow citadels always aims true.

As a normal bow, with the following effect. On a successful Attack test in a kill, capture, or drive-off conflict the loser must make a Health (or Nature, in the case of Monsters) test at the Ob equal to the margin of success or be knocked out of the conflict. This only affects living creatures. Each creature may only be affected by this ability once per conflict.


Wielded by the Chaos Lord Molan, this three-headed flail is adorned with numerous spikes. 

Effect: Once per adventure phase during a kill, capture, or drive off conflict, a player may invoke the power of the flail to wreathe it in flames. Doing so allows the wielder to switch their script to Feint after both teams have revealed their actions. Afterwards, the weapon receives a +1D advantage to Attack, Defend, and Maneuver actions but a -1D to Feint for the duration of the conflict.

Band of Fire

This gold ring is set with three rubies that glow like the coals of a fire. 

Effect: Each of the three rubies stores a single spell, allow both Magician/Elf and the non-gifted to call on its powers. The bearer may cast each of the following spells once per adventure phase.
Those who attempt to harness the ring's power without the any formal Arcanist training are literally playing with fire. Use the Beginner's Luck rules for factoring the obstacles. For the purposes of these tests, Eldritch Darts is Ob 1 and Scorching Ray Ob 2.

Suggested Twist: One of the three rubies shatters, releasing the spell that was attempted to be cast. Alternatively, use the Magic Twists from the Wandering Monster Section (The room fills with sulfurous smoke, you start a fire that can't be put out). 

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