Monday, May 21, 2012

D&DN: Hit Points

I'm sure, if you're reading this, you've read the latest on D&DN: Hit dice are back. I missed 4E, so I can't comment on how Healing Surges play, but I have read the books and understand that there is a certain consistency to them that the new model of regaining hit points lacks. Personally, I think the resurgence of hit dice is a good thing. I like randomness in my games. Calculated risks become a little more unpredictable when your character's fate is left up to the roll of the dice. I also understand why people wouldn't like that.

Without treading too close to the arguments from last generation's edition wars, the kind of consistency that a mechanic like Healing Surges represents seems closer to a video game than a tabletop game. This isn't meant to be a slight against that style of game; rather, I only offer that I like each genre of gaming to be discreet experiences.

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