Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dying in the First Room, Coloring Outside the Lines

Last weekend we were supposed to play the next session of the Burning Wheel Campaign, In Service of the Bastard Lord, but one of our players had to help his +1 move.

Instead, we played Pathfinder, and I actually got to be a player! It was pretty short lived; we died in the first room. I can't remember if that ever happened before, but it was not unexpected. A two-man party without a healer isn't likely to survive too long in a dungeon that the DM described as a challenge for a full party of four.

After that, we broke out my copy of Wiz-War and spent the rest of our game day chucking fireballs at one another and stealing treasure. I actually won this time.

On Tuesday I ran a solo dungeon using the DCC RPG beta rules. The one player rolled ten 0-levels, and named all of them after American political figures, actors and actresses from world cinema, and famous, dead writers. By the end of the crawl, he had two left: Barack Obama, who is now a level 1 Warrior, and Arthur Den, a level 1 Wizard. My copy of the LE rule book is on its way, I believe.

I got my sets of Gamescience dice today. Too bad all of my players are out of town, I've been dying to use them. I thought they were going to take a long time to ink, but the crayon method is super fat and easy. I'll post some pictures of them soon.

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