Friday, July 6, 2012


Just as I thought I was going to have nothing to post about, Reverend Dak dropped this in my mailbox today. Now, given that I've only had it for about two hours and haven't really had a chance to go through it, I can't really give a proper review.

What I have managed to digest is very useful. The DCC RPG book doesn't have any treasure tables or mechanical guidelines for handing out treasure. What it does have is an explicit warning about handing it out carelessly. The world of DCC RPG is a grim one, and most commerce happens with as an exchange of goods, not coin. The piles of gold we associate with fantasy gaming are only won through adventuring, and even then it is no guarantee.

This issue gives us plenty of random tables fit to the scale of DCC RPG. It's also jam-packed with lots of art from various artists across the blogosphere who are involved in this game one way or another. My normal gaming schedule has been a little off this week, so rather than run my usual Sunday game I will tear through this. I'll also be working on my first homebrew class for DCC RPG which is in the final stages (I hope) right now. In the meantime, get over to Dak's blog and snag yourself a copy now!

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