Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Minor Magic Item: Asmodeus' Coin

Minted on one of the seven levels of Hell, this coin is both a boon and a curse to anyone who comes upon it. Anyone who looks at it can see it is different immediately. Slightly larger, it seems to emit its golden sheen like a torch casts light. A player who spends their time examining it will be surprised to see the faces change as they flip it back and forth. In total, there are three faces: a snake, a fox, and a lion.

A character may flip this coin once per day. If they do so, roll 1d3 in secret and apply the results as follows:

1) The Snake: The coins luck has run out for you! Treat the next action a character takes as if the player had rolled a natural 1.

2) The Lion: You feel uncharacteristically confident! Increase the dice rolled by +1d on the dice chain for the next action your character takes.

3) The Fox: You feel lucky! The next time a character burns luck, add +1 for each point burned.

The coin has a mind of its own and often betrays its owner, leaving them unusually irritable and unable to focus for a time. A DM should track how often a players relies on Asmodeus' Coin. Should the player ever lose this item, have their character make a Will save (DC = the number of times the player has used the coin, maximum 20).

If the player fails their save, reduce all actions on the dice chain by -1d for a number of days equal to the DC (20 days at the maximum DC). During this period, the coin is a constant presence on the character's mind. Should they ever recover it, they will be furious to see that the powers it once granted no longer work.

For these reasons, no one in possession of the coin ever willingly relinquishes ownership. Ownership is established by flipping it.

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  1. Fantastic item which will make it's way into my game at some stage. Thanks Vanguard. :-)