Friday, August 17, 2012

Weird NPC: The Old Mountain Kings

Set in a forked path in the stone are three ornately carved rock-faces. Upon approaching, the stones begin to shift and these faces speak in loud, booming voices, asking "Who dare disturb my kingdom?"

After the party answers, the stones begin bickering with each other over exactly who is the one true king. This will go on as long as the players let it, though if they try to leave they will be reproached for not being respectful of the Old Mountain King, whoever that may be. Each rock face is distinct from the others.

Karn: He has large, exaggerated features including a prominent, bald forehead and nose. Karn loves to boast, insult others, and claim undue credit. He is Chaotic.

Valerius: He has sharp features and is well groomed. Valerius like to make decisions for the others and will often begin any claim with "We think/We decide/We know", which leads to disagreement immediately. He is Lawful.

Orrin: This rock face has hair that runs all the way down to the path and a beard to match. He acts as the mediator of the others, pointing out the blatant falsehoods that Karn and Valerius tell. He is Neutral.

These NPCs are full of lots of information about the history of the world as they have spent aeons demanding boons from travelers, misdirecting them, and telling riddles. If asked a question, each one will provide a different answer making it impossible to discern which one is reliable. In truth, none of them are. They are all stubborn and wish to be recognized more than the others. 

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