Friday, August 3, 2012

Thursday Night Group Session Highlight Reel #1

  • The Thief backstabbing two enemies in a row rolling the same result on the critical table each time. His new title, as he reached level 2, is fitting: murderer
  • Watching the Cleric roll five failures in a row gaining permanent disapproval until a holy quest is completed
  • The Rage mechanic for my Orc class working as intended! Seriously, I think the class is this close to having all of the kinks worked out
  • The look on the players faces after seeing the bandits they just bested in combat rise from the dead with dregs of flesh falling away from their bodies
  • In the final battle, when all of the characters were in inches of their life, the Orc threw a Scimitar, scored a hit, and dropped the final monster of the night
  • The party behaving as a party should! Disagreements based on differing ideology, pooling resources to increase longevity, and thinking things through
  • The Cleric suggesting they plug their ears upon hearing the siren's song. They went through an entire dungeon making plans only by using hand gestures

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