Friday, June 6, 2014

Fyndel Forest: The Trees Are Dreaming

Fyndel Forest came to be known as the Dreamwood for its protean nature. The trees change shape, the weather cycles out of season, and if you go down to the river you may find wine flowing across its banks. Skeptics dismiss this as simple illusion, the work of some hedge wizard, but anyone who has spent time in these woods can you tell you the forest's dreams are real.

Once per day, roll a d66 and apply the appropriate effect. Some of these effects are meant purely to be cosmetic. Others may increase the difficulty of some actions. As a rule, simply count these as a factor when figuring the obstacle for any action that could reasonably be affected by it. Additionally, this table may be used to introduce magic twists for failed spell attempts.

11 Foiliage: the leaves are made of gold and silver. If they are removed from the forest they turn to mulch.
12 Shifting Roots: the brush constantly readjusts itself making tracking, pathfinding, and mapping difficult.
13 The forest is asleep. No effect.
14 The forest is asleep. No effect.
15 Blinding Miasma: heavy fog blankets the forest obscuring vision.
16 Warp Pool: all bodies of water become portals to other parts of Fyndel Forest.
21 Deadwood: the trees are made of bone.
22 Seagrove: the floor of the forest is covered in seashells.
23 The forest is asleep. No effect.
24 The forest is asleep. No effect.
25 Early Winter: heavy snow is falling and turns pass as in the Winter phase.
26 Root Maze: Players cannot leave this area of the forest. If they cross a border, they re-enter on the opposite side.
31 Topiary Jungle: the trees have contorted themselves into the shapes of beasts and animals.
32 Beachwood: the floor of the forest is covered in sand.
33 The forest is asleep. No effect.
34 The forest is asleep. No effect.
35 Cloudburst: heavy rain and thunderstorms.
36 Emerald Dreams: roll on this table again--the characters dream this effect will happen, and it does the following day.
41 Palette Swap: all of the colors in the forest are inverted.
42 Wet Roots: campfires will not start and torches have a 50% chance of going out each turn.
43 The forest is asleep. No effect.
44 The forest is asleep. No effect.
45 Smoke Without Fire: a cloud of heavy, black smoke hangs in the forest air.
46 Trick or Treat: a mysterious fruit seems to have grown on all of the trees.
51 Water To. . .: Roll 1d6. All bodies of water are full of (1) wine, (2) vinegar, (3) salt water, (4) blood, (5) acid, or (6) oil.
52 Eversun: even after the sun has set, the forest is still as light as day.
53 The forest is asleep. No effect.
54 The forest is asleep. No effect.
55 Mirewood: the water levels rise, flooding Fyndel and turning it into a swamp.
56 Evernight: even after the sun has risen, it remains as dark as night.
61 Tempest: Roll 1d6. It is raining (1) frogs, (2) scorpions, (3) glass, (4) stones, (5) Blood, or (6) oil.
62 Voodoo Stones: carvings of the adventurers appear on the stones.
63 The forest is asleep. No effect.
64 The forest is asleep. No effect.
65 Rootwatch: there are eyes on the leaves.
66 Giant Growth: All of the trees and plants grow to massive stature.

Tips for reading the dice: If the 1's column would be a 3 or 4, there will be no effect no matter the 10's column. You can also read the dice two ways (ie, you could choose either 12 or 21 and apply whichever effect you like better).

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