Friday, June 13, 2014

Torchbearer: Familiars

Upon gaining a new level, Magicians may opt to form an Arcane Bond with a creature or object rather than gain a new spell slot. Magicians may only have one Arcane Bond at a time.

Arcane Bond

During the course of their travels, Magicians often form special bonds with a creature or unlock powers hidden deep within objects. A Magician who chooses this level benefit has merely done the proper rituals necessary to create this bond and must still find a suitable creature or object to gain any effect. As with spells, your Mentor can provide a familiar. Others may test Circles to find someone in town who can help or find a suitable familiar in the wild at the GMs discretion.

Sample Familiars

Brain in a Jar: +1D to Lore Master
Chameleon: Anytime Nature is taxed, reduce the amount by 1
Crow: +1D to Scavenger
Dog: +1D to Pathfinder
Eagle: +1D to Scout
Fox: +1D to Criminal
Moth: Whenever a light source would go out, roll a d6. On a roll of 4+, it stays lit for another turn
Owl: +1D to Hunter
Pseudodragon: +1D to Arcanist
Rat: +1D to Dungeoneer
Spider: +1D to Alchemist
Toad: Increase disposition of caster by 1 during a conflict

The benefits that grant +1D to a skill are neither help nor wises and therefore are not affected by conditions. Additionally, if the Magician is using Beginner's Luck on a skill, this die is added after reducing the number of dice by half.

Losing a Bonded Creature/Item

If a creature is killed as part of a twist or compromise or if the item is lost or stolen, the bond is broken. Tax the Magician's Nature by their current level.

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