Monday, June 25, 2012

Angry Gods

In DCC RPG, each time you call upon your deity's power you risk offending them. The most immediate way is with the roll of your dice. Rolling a natural 1 on a Lay on Hands check or while casting a spell immediately incurs some penalty. Sometimes you have to stop what you're doing immediately and pray; other times, in an exercise of humility, you must defect to every beck and whim of your fellow party members.

Even if you succeed, your deity may be angered by how you've chosen to wield his power. Heal people of opposed alignments of Gods, rely on your divine power frivolously, or act against the code of your deity and you will find yourself consulting the deity disapproval chart. Powerful your God may be, but they are also fickle and angry.

Furthermore, every time you roll within your disapproval range, it increases by one. If yesterday's session is any indication, this is one of the most fun mechanics in the game. The party's Cleric fell under the spell of Lizardman Cleric of Bobugbubilz. Within that one battle, I watched the disapproval range of our Cleric change from 1 to 1-8. I know the results are random, but the dice picked a good time to go sour as our Cleric acted in faith of another god. Somehow, it seems, they knew.

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