Monday, June 11, 2012

Appendix N Adventure Toolkit

I know I've already plugged this Kickstarter in a previous post, but in case you haven't noticed, they've hit the first three stretch goals, which means anyone who tosses $20 into it is going to receive five modules. That's not even the best part. Due to the overwhelming response Brave Halfling has received in the week since the project went live, they've added one final stretch goal. Copied from the Kickstarter:
Five years ago, I spent many months working with Gary Gygax on a unique campaign setting for his game, Lejendary Adventures. We shared back-and-forth almost daily about designing settings, npc races, magic item creation, divine beings, etc. Maps were created and art was commissioned. With Gary's passing and the end of his game, I decided to not release this material. However, from the first time I got to read some of the early DCC RPG play-test material, I knew this campaign setting had found a new home! So my friends, if this kickstarter reaches $15,000, everyone who has pledged $20 or more will also receive a pdf copy and a print copy of, Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #5: "The Old Isle Campaign Setting." This product will include a 11" x 17" color campaign map, a digest Player's and Referee's Guide. While all Appendix N Adventures are generic and can be placed into any campaign, they all do have specific locations in the Old Isle Setting. This campaign setting will ship in April 2013.
We're still a ways away, but you may want to consider upping your pledge or contributing if you haven't. $20 for five modules, an old-school gaming box, and an entire campaign setting co-authored by one of the fathers of industry is by far the best gaming deal there has or will ever be.The trick will be getting there. Do your part!

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