Friday, June 8, 2012

Conversations from the Gaming Table #1

I exposed the group I play Pathfinder with to DCC RPG last week. Everyone loved it. Well, almost everyone. One of the players really likes the crunchiness of Pathfinder and laments the absence of feats and skill points. I can understand how DCC RPG might feel very empty in comparison.

At this point, I have no interest in GMing a Pathfinder game ever again. The rules are just too cumbersome for the kinds of stories I want to tell. At the same time, I want my players to be excited about the games I run. If that means hacking the system to suit their needs a little, I'm more than happy to do so.

That's one of the core differences between a game like Pathfinder and DCC RPG. In the former, it's very hard to add or remove elements from the game without destroying the structural integrity of the system. Even published material can do this.. The simpler design of DCC RPG makes it much easier to add and remove elements without breaking the game.

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