Friday, June 15, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Birthday Bash

This Sunday is my birthday. Sunday is also games day around these parts (well, one of them). Two of my players have been away from my gaming table these last few months and haven't yet seen the glory that is DCC RPG. We'll be skipping The Funnel for this outing, as I've had my fill of murdering droves of peasants. For the moment anyway.

That doesn't mean I have anything less horrific planned for my group. In the coming weeks I'll post the full adventure, but here is an preview of my first homebrew adventure for the DCC RPG.

The area around the meteorite is imbued with powerful arcane energy. A Wizard who casts Detect Magic will find that everything, including the air, is emitting a powerful magical aura. This aura extends for a one mile radius in all directions around the impact site. All arcane spellcasters receive a +5 bonus to their spellcaster check while within range of the impact site. Likewise, this same bonus applies to all corruption rolls.

Non-casters and magicians who refrain from casting are not safe from the effects of this aura. Each hour any living creature spends within range of the impact site must succeed a DC 15 Will save or roll 1d24 on the table below.

Wings sprout from your back. Roll 1d5 to determine if they are (1) feathered (2) scaly (3) fleshy (4) skeletal (5) insect. All Fly checks should be made untrained.
One of your arms splits in two up to the wrist and a fully formed hand grows at the end of each stump. This mutation allows them to wield either a two-handed weapon in one hand or two weapons on one arm without penalty.
Roll 1d3 and apply the appropriate result: (1) Your legs fuse together and become scaly, like snake flesh. All Move Silently rolls are rolled as if the character were trained and with a +2 bonus. Your character leaves behind a slimy trail on smoother surfaces, such as stone or marble (2) Your legs mutate and shape themselves into grasshopper’s legs, granting a +2 on jump and acrobatics checks. (3) Your character’s legs harden into tree trunks reducing your base speed by half. Each round, the roots attempt to plant themselves into the ground. Characters who succeed on a DC 10 strength check prevent this from happening. While planted in the ground, the roots drink up nutrients healing 1d8 hit points per round. Cutting the roots off prevents them from burrowing, but they will grow back in 1d4 hours.
Gills appear on your neck allowing you to breathe underwater. Characters who fail to swim for an hour once per day begin to suffocate. Each hour beyond the 24th spent away from water, they must succeed on a DC 15 (+1 for each additional hour) Fort save or suffer 1d6 damage.
A second, smaller head sprouts from your shoulder. This second head is fully functional and has a completely independent brain. Roll 1d3 to determine its alignment: (1) Lawful (2) Neutral (3) Chaotic.  Though it may find itself at odds with its host body, it has a sense of self preservation and will never endanger its life purposely over a disagreement. If either head is severed, the remaining one takes over or maintains control of the body.
Spines protrude from your flesh on your knees, elbows and back. Take 1d6 damage. All grapple checks are made with a -2 penalty against this opponent. A successful grappler takes 1d3 per round while maintaining a grapple. Characters may increase their unarmed damage by +1 on the dice chain.
The character’s hands mutate into one of the following forms, granting a claw attack. Roll a 1d4 and apply the appropriate result (1) skeletal claws (2) eagle claws (3) bat claws or (4) slimy frog claws. Attacks made with these weapons deal 1d6 damage.
The character’s flesh hardens into insect-like plates of chitin granting a +2 natural armor bonus. All skill checks are made with a -2 armor check penalty.
A tail sprouts from your character’s behind. Roll 1d3 to determine what effect this produces (1) cat’s tail, +2 to all reflex saves and balance-related skill checks, (2) an alligator’s tail, granting +2 to all swim checks and a natural attack dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage or (3) scorpion’s tail, granting a natural attack that deals 1d4 piercing damage + poison. 
Your character’s hair begins growing rapidly, a foot’s length every ten minutes. Observant ropemakers will notice its durability and could easily braid sections of it into usable rope.
One of your character’s arms mutates into a mass of tentacles. Roll 1d4 for to determine how many tentacles there are. A character gains a number of action dice equal to the result.
Your character’s skin becomes translucent. Everyone who gazes upon your visage must succeed at a DC 12 Will save or become frozen with fear. Those who fail the save may re-attempt once a round.
A clock appears on your character’s stomach. All move silently checks are made at a -1 penalty due to its incessant ticking. Roll 1d4 to determine how often the cuckoo inside springs out and crows (1) every 15 minutes (2) once every hour (3) once every 12 hours (4) once a day, at midnight.
Roll 1d4. Your character’s head mutates into one of the following forms: (1) lion (2) raven (3) dragon (4) ant. All forms grant a bite attack, except for the raven who pecks. All attacks deal 1d6 damage. Characters retain the ability to speak, though their voices change due to the mutation.
Roll 1d5. The result is the number of fingers that have been transformed into keys on one hand. Each key will unlock the first door it’s used upon and no other. If all of the fingers are affected, it is impossible to wield a weapon in that hand and all fine-motor skills automatically fail. If the majority are affected, attacks are made at -4 on the dice chain and all skill checks are made as if they are untrained. If a minority are affected, all attacks are and skill checks are made with a -2 penalty.
Your eyeballs fly out of their sockets and begin circling the top of your head like two tadpoles swimming after each other. While this is happening, you have 360° vision and receive a +1 bonus to all sight-based perception checks. You also suffer a -2 penalty to all Personality based checks.
Horrible pustules grow all over your body and begin to itch. Roll 1d5 to determine what’s inside. (1) honey (2) wine (3) mercury (4) gasoline (5) molten rock, take 1d4 damage each time one is popped.
Your skin becomes the texture of parchment. Scratching yourself or suffering wounds makes it fall peel and it can be easily torn off your person. To the unknown, there is no distinguishable difference between this and normal parchment.
Your character begins sneezing uncontrollably. Roll 1d4 to determine what happens each time you sneeze. (1) A swarm of angry bees bursts forth from your mouth (2) A bouquet of flowers erupts forth from your mouth (3) lightning strikes at the exact moment you sneeze followed immediately after by deafening thunder (4) A 20-foot cloud of fog surrounds you.
Your character feels a prickling in their arm. Someone or something has carved a message into it. The first message is always a question. Players may respond by carving their message into their flesh. Each message sent or received deals 1d3 damage.
You feel a tingling in your ears, mouth, and nose. Roll 1d4 to determine what crawls out (1) sandworms (2) spiders) (3) snakes or (4) slugs. Natural sleep is impossible while this effect is occurring, though characters may rest using magical or chemical means.
Horns sprout from your head. Roll 1d3 to determine what form they take (1) ram (2) bull or (3) rhinoceros. Your character gains a gore attack dealing 1d4 damage.
Each time speech is attempted roll 1d8 and replace your character’s natural voice with one of the following sounds (1) a busy tavern (2) a hideskin drum (3) horse hooves against stone (4) glass shattering (5) a door being slammed shut repeatedly (6) waves crashing against a rocky shore (7) church bells ringing at Sunday mass (8) two swords striking each other. These effects are inaudible to the speaker, who hears their voice normally.
You feel your teeth shift in your mouth and taste blood. Upon inspection, you notice that your fangs have become frighteningly long and sharp. You gain a bite attack that deals 1d4 damage. In addition, each time you successfully deal damage using this attack, you heal a number of hit points equal to the damage dealt. Hit points gained this way can take you past your maximum HP.

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